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Arkena is run by a team of dedicated staff and this list is changing all the time so we will try and keep it up to date every month or so.

This page is incomplete. I will get back to it shortly. Love Adam


rdimaggio11 Rich

Rich is one of the core founders of Arkena. he is currently hosting our US server and makes all the decisions about how our network is run.


kingjoshuae Josh

Josh is our plugin configuration guy. he spends more time configuring PEX than he should but hey we all have to thank him for the smooth running of all our plugins.

Maddieeeee_7 Maddie

Maddie is one of our server admins. She ensures that everything is going smoothly for players and is there to help if something goes wrong.



ineedcalculator is one of our Moderators and our Head Architect. He has build several spawns for us and we are lucky to have him in our team.

JRKR from Ikea

JRKR is a plant from ikea. Allen key not included. Must be assembled by someone called Alan Key.

Tech Staff

adamxp12 Adam Blunt

Adam is the main technical director for Arkena. He is the guy who makes servers tick. He is in charge of our website, social media and setup/maintenance of the servers. Also makes a few custom plugins specifically for us.

ChillCube Adam Blunt

ChillCube an alt account owned and used by adamxp12. Usually for testing or for backup when making YouTube videos (acts as a so called camera account).